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Terms of Sales

Prelude :

We are happy to welcome you on MONRO GUIDE website (hereafter named “MONRO GUIDE”, “we” or “us”), the essential tool (hereafter named “application”) for travel professionals.

These General Terms of Sale (hereafter named “GTS”), determine the rights and obligation of the parties in the online services sale framework proposed by MONRO GUIDE and apply to all transactions (order, services buying by the clients, services sales by MONRO GUIDE) made on MONRO GUIDE website.

The services governed by these GTS are those that figure on the website and are given as available for payment.

By using the MONRO GUIDE website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these GTS and accept, without restriction, to be bound by them.

The subscriptions sale to representatives and travel agents (hereafter named « client », « subscriber », « member », « you », « buyer ») is considered a sale of services between professionals. The Consumer Protection Act does not regulate transactions between two merchants or professionals.

The choice and the buying of a service is the sole responsibility of the client.

The offered services principal characteristics are described and presented with the most possible accuracy on MONRO GUIDE website. The client must be acquainted with them before placing any order. However, if any errors or omissions have occurred regarding this description, MONRO GUIDE cannot be held responsible.

The access and the use of the online application are regulated by the following terms and conditions:

  • The right of user for members are non-exclusive and non-transferable;
  • The application can be used on any type of browser;
  • The use of the application on a small screen, like a cellphone, might result in a difficulty using which MONRO GUIDE cannot be held responsible;
  • The application is conceived to satisfy most of its users and MONRO GUIDE cannot guarantee its adaptation to a client specific needs;
  • The use of the application carried out by the client is the client’s own responsibility;
  • The client is considered having the necessary skills for the good use of the application;
  • No intellectual property right of the application is given to the client, the application is solely and wholly-owned by MONRO GUIDE.

General provisions:

These GTS apply to all services sales made through MONRO GUIDE website and are an integral part of the contract between the buyer and MONRO GUIDE.

MONRO GUIDE reserves the right to modify these presents, anytime without prior notification, by the publication of a new version on its website.

We thus invite you to look at these GTS each time you visit MONRO GUIDE’s website. The date at the end indicates when was the last update.

The applicable GTS are those in force at the order payment date (or the first payment in case of multiple payments). These GTS are available on this page of MONRO GUIDE’s website.

MONRO GUIDE’s obligations

MONRO GUIDE’s commitments represent an obligation of means to provide services in compliance with the rules of professional conduct and customs, and if need be, in accordance with the contract.

MONRO GUIDE pledges to devote all the necessary technical and human resources to ensure the proposed services.

MONRO GUIDE pledges to respect the confidentiality of the data, in accordance with the confidentiality policy available at the following link: Confidentiality policy.

MONRO GUIDE pledges to respect the terms of the contract with its clients in accordance with the valid federal and provincial laws.

Client’s obligations

The client pledges to provide to MONRO GUIDE the complete and exact informations, written in French or in English, necessary for the execution of the contract.

The client pledges to report directly and as soon as possible MONRO GUIDE of any difficulties regarding the provision of a service.

The client agrees to pay the full price of the service provided by MONRO GUIDE.

Order details

Any order (subscription) is an acceptance of these GTS, without prejudice to particular contractual terms agreed between the parties for provision of services not included in the subscriptions. The buyer has the possibility to verify the detail of his draft purchase order and correct any mistakes. Before validating his order, a summary is presented with the detail of the chosen subscription and the total price including taxes. The buyer has the possibility to modify his basket.

From the moment the buyer confirms his order by clicking on the button “Validate your payment”, he is considered to have accepted in full knowledge of the facts the content and the conditions of his order and in particular these GTS, the price and the subscription conditions.

The sale will be definitive as soon as the payment is accepted.


For travel agents, the cost of the yearly subscription is 48 $ + tax.

For representatives, the cost of the yearly subscription is 180 $ + tax.


The subscription duration to MONRO GUIDE services is one year starting on the day of the purchase (payment validation) until the anniversary date of the payment.


Secured payment

The purchase payments on MONRO GUIDE website are made through STRIPE website, specialized in the online e-commerce payment processing, which accepts all major credit and debit cards of all countries (Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.).

It is not necessary to have a STRIPE account to make a payment, only card data are necessary.

On the first subscription, the purchase payment will be through STRIPE or any other secure provider chosen by MONRO GUIDE. The payments after the inscription (or first subscription)

MONRO GUIDE has chosen STRIPE, a provider who specializes in online e-commerce payment processing, to guarantee security of payment operations.

Indeed, mode of payment by STRIPE is in compliance with PCI-DSS and with the highest safety standards for online payments (HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections).

MONRO GUIDE reserves the right to change provider for online payment or modes of authorized payment on its site without prior notice.

In default of payment

In default of payment is not possible, because the payment is validated or not during payment procedure on STRIPE or any other provider or is made prior to provision of service not included in the subscriptions.

Right to withdraw:

The conclusion of a contract between professionals is not regulated by the Consumer Protection Act, the subscriber does not have a time limit from the date of the payment to use the right to withdraw.

However, if any circumstances beyond his control would oblige the client to cancel his subscription, he would have to communicate directly with MONRO GUIDE by e-mail at the following address: or by mail at the following address:

8565 av Mountain Sights
Montréal (Québec) H4P 2C3

Each request will be dealt on a case by case basis, but MONRO GUIDE cannot guarantee its acceptance relative to termination requests.


The renewal is made automatically, each year, at the anniversary date of the subscription.

A reminder e-mail will be sent, one month prior to the end of the subscription, to inform the subscriber of the soon to come subscription renewal.

If need be, the subscriber must let know, by e-mail, his new bank card details to allow direct debit of his yearly subscription.

The subscriber can then decide to end his subscription, before the yearly subscription anniversary date, without justifying his decision.

Cancellation policy:

Any order made by the client is firm and definitive: no cancellation, no refund are possible (see Right to withdraw).

However, if the subscriber wishes to end the use of the service, before the end of his subscription, no prorata temporis refund will be made.

MONRO GUIDE is the only decision-maker for the terms of a possible stopping of direct debit or possible refund.

Force majeure

MONRO GUIDE will not be responsible of the non-performance, in all or in part, of one of its obligations towards his clients, nor the damages or loss that its clients may sustain, if the non-performance, damages or losses are the result of a case of FORCE MAJEURE or of a circumstance out of its control.

Trademark and copyright notice

This website and its content are owned by MONRO GUIDE and are protected by Quebec, Canada and Applicable International Convention Copyrights. You do not have the right to use or reproduce the informations included for purposes other than those laid down in the contract.

Choice of residence and applicable laws:

  • MONRO GUIDE, corporation under Canada Business Corporations Act
  • Commercial and postal address :
    8565 avenue Mountain Sights
    Montreal (Quebec) H4P 2C3
  • Legal status : corporation.
  • Corporation certificate number : 10445541

These GTS and the resulting buying and selling operations are governed by the applicable laws in the Province of Quebec and in Canada.

They are written in French and English.

The parties agree (the client and MONRO GUIDE) that for any claim or legal proceedings, of whatever nature, with regard to the carrying out and interpretation of these GTS, to choose the judicial district of Montreal in the Province of Quebec in Canada, as the appropriate place for the hearing of such claims or legal proceedings to the exclusion of any other judicial district that may have jurisdiction over such a commercial dispute in accordance with legislative provisions.

Date of the last update: May 1, 2018

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